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Guitar Lesson: Why So Much Advice On Guitar Playing?

By: Peter Edvinsson

Is it good advice to listen to advice? What shall you do with all tips and suggestions on guitar playing on the Internet? Let me give you some suggestions!

How is it possible to write so much on guitar playing without running out of ideas? I have figured out some possible reasons for this.

People (not you!) are searching for quick solutions to long term goals, like learning to play guitar like a pro for example.

It is quite amusing to see all fitness equipment ads on TV. One might wonder how it is possible to sell that many products related to physical training every day. Is it the same people buying all new products or is it new customers all the time? I do not know but we can learn some things from this.

First of all, I do not think that is is something wrong with the equipment sold. Likewise it is nothing wrong with all advice on guitar playing on the net or in books. In both cases costumers are searching for something. Sometimes they are searching for something that doesn't exist, like a quick solution to a complicated problem.

Well, sometimes there is a quick solution to a problem. More often you will have to work on a problem or on learning a skill over an extended period of time.

Maybe you have bought a guitar book and you doubt if it is a good book or not. If a good guitar book is a book that will help you to learn to play guitar it is probably a good book. The problem with books about learning to play guitar is that they must be used and you have to exercise patience in order to benefit from them.

Most probably the author of a guitar book is an experienced teacher trying to convey his teaching skills through a book. I am sure that he could have helped you better if he could teach you directly and be able to make an estimation of your level of proficiency and take your personality into account.

But that is not the case, instead you will be the one making the estimation of your guitar skills. will be the one that has to keep going when the going gets tough.

You will have to work on the guitar lessons in the book not just browse through them. One at a time as long as is required to learn the skills and commit them to your long term memory.

Sometimes we are apt to listen to advice because we are seeking for motivation to do something. However, if our motivation to practice guitar playing is built upon buying new books and finding new advice on the net you will not progress the way you should.

Guitar students have very different backgrounds and personalities. Some guitarists can set their own goals and work on them over a long period of time. Other guitar players need help from a guitar teacher and regular guitar lessons in order to help them progress.

What advice can I give you based on the previous thoughts?

It is up to you if you want to buy guitar books and guitar DVD's if you can afford these aids. The market needs buyers and I myself have a lot of guitar books.

However, you need to ask yourself some questions in order to find out what you really want to accomplish. Do you want to progress as a guitarist or are you more interested in reading guitar educational book and looking at inspiring guitar DVD's?

If you want to progress as a guitarist you can use your guitar books and and DVD's to help you. It might work. It depends on your personality and the way you learn things. I suggest the following:

  1. Take a look in you guitar books or DVD's. Choose one lesson you want to use.

  2. Give yourself a decent amount of homework based on the previously chosen lesson.

  3. Set a deadline when your homework is supposed to be accomplished.

  4. Congratulate yourself if you can work this way! It will save you time and money! You will not need to pay for an expensive guitar teacher and can manage your own progress.

Even if you can work this way I strongly suggest that you visit an experienced guitar teacher every now and then. He will give you advice and will spot your weaknesses and he will encourage you to develop as a guitar player.

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