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Do You Love The Blues?

Griff Hamlin - Blues guitar teacher

Learning the blues can be a frustrating task. It seems so simple, but only a handful of people seem to know the trick to really making it sound great. Griff and his team have put together what I believe is a really thorough, step-by-step method that has actually been tested and proven on his own guitar students over the past several years.

Take a look for yourself at:
How to Play the Blues Guitar

The main book provides all of the scales, techniques, theory, and tricks that you'll need. It follows a simple and logical progression. Each chapter builds on the one before it. At the end of each chapter, you'll be told exactly what you need to be able to do before moving on to the next chapter. You can't fail with this.

The best part, however, is the audio examples and jam tracks. Every audio example comes with a full speed and slow speed version, so you can play along easily at first, and pick up the pace as you get better.

There's also 4 complete solos that really sound like they are from your favorite blues songs. You could memorize them and totally use them at your next bluesjam or gig. They demonstrate all of the techniques throughout the book, and give a very good "real world" example of the techniques and approach.

Also, there are 6 jam tracks that come with the package, so once you get going you can just play along with the band. And the tracks are really good quality, just like you're jamming with a real band. It's a lot of fun.

As a bonus Griff has included an excellent book full of turnaround and ending licks. Some of them are pretty straight forward blues, but a couple of them are real head-turners.

As you can tell, I'm really impressed with this package as a whole. The testimonials on the website prove that I'm not alone. This is a very well thought out, tested, and put together system.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look for yourself at:
How to Play the Blues Guitar

Blues Chords

A few Testimonials

"Throw away all those books you bought in the past!!! This is the Real Deal!!! Finally found what I was looking for, Thanks!!"

"Griff, you finally got what all of the other books and systems have been missing! Congratulations and thank you!"

"Not only will this book teach you every HOT blues lick you have ever heard but it will give you the knowledge to move up and down just like the 'pros.' Combine that with the Jam Tracks this book is a must have! thanks!"

"Thanks for writing Playing Through the Blues. Your book contains very useful information related to playing the blues. During the last eighteen years I have worked as a music educator (including guitar classes) in public and private schools. My interest in blues guitar has peaked over the last few years. During this time I have purchased a variety of books and tapes on this subject. Your book is certainly a welcome addition to my collection. I appreciate your thoughtful and practical organization of blues scales and applications; it is easy to read and understand. I have benefited from your examples of connecting scales positions together. It has also been helpful to listen to the mp3 examples and analyze your solo transcriptions. You really have provided the essential information aspiring guitarists need to know."

"Learning to play the guitar is hard enough… mastering it is something else. Whatever your level of expertise, Griff’s instructional materials including his new ebook will accelerate your learning and advance your skill level faster than anything I have seen in the last 20 years."

"while the costs are not high (basically the cost of one lesson), there’s so much ‘stuff’ out on the web; you never know what you’re getting. It’s very clear that you’ve got a good program that starts off slow but progresses..."

"Finally a book that really gets to the meat and potatoes of it. I wish I would have had this system years ago. Top Notch Product!!"

"Just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you for a great product. I have been playing the guitar for many years and had reached that fabled plateau where I wasn’t getting any further in my playing. I wanted to solo, play lead, etc., knew what a scale was, knew how to hammer-on, pull-off, and slide, etc., but was stuck on how to use all that info. I searched and searched for information on “what to play where and when” when improvising, and couldn’t find any. Your info in Chapter 10 alone is almost worth the price of admission! Thanks for that."

Don’t just take their word for it though, take a look for yourself at:
How to Play the Blues Guitar

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