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For our visitors who would like to learn to play the guitar, we have a few free guitar lessons available.

Tune Your Guitar

There are two sitting positions for holding the guitar; classical and casual.
Guitar Lesson One - Getting Started

Tuning Your Guitar to Itself

This is probably the most important piece of knowledge that you can learn when it comes to tuning your guitar. The process of tuning your guitar to itself is one by which you tune each string to another string on the guitar.
Guitar Lesson Two - Tuning Your Guitar to Itself

Guitar Tablature

TAB or tablature is the most common method of writing out music for the guitar. It is different from classical music notation in that; TAB uses ordinary numbers and keyboard characters as opposed to standard musical notation which uses symbols.
Guitar Lesson Three - How to Read Guitar Tablature

How to Read Guitar Tablature

Guitar tablature is probably the easiest and most used method for guitar notation. On the internet, you can find guitar notation for almost any song that you want to learn. Tablature is easier to learn than traditional music notation because it relates directly to the fret board of the guitar, indicating where your fingers should be placed. Although it is an easier method to learn it still has its weak points, the main one being that you can’t easily indicate rhythm on tablature.
Guitar Lesson Four - How to Read Guitar Tablature

Introduction to Chord Progressions

When you listen to one of your favorite songs you become aware to the fact that it is built up of notes and chords that are changing and causing the song to evolve in a way that is pleasing to the ear. The question that I want to look at today is: why do some chords sound good together and others sound absolutely terrible?
Guitar Lesson Five - Introduction to Chord Progressions

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